Friday, August 1, 2008

Allow myself to introduce...myself starting with one of my favorite quotes. Edgar Allan Poe was wise to cite that "They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."

Hi. I'm Carrie Roseman. I am a photographer who lives to create. Living, laughing, loving, and rockin' out all at the same time. Welcome to my blog. You are witnessing my online birth, and my blog, like me, is a work in progess. And I'm starting by heeding the advice of the all-powerful Nike sneaker company to "Just Do It," so that I can wield all the power of the Greek Godess of the same name. Nike. Triumph personified. Victory! Just do it. Coining such a simple little phrase has put many into action, diving in when one may not necessarily feel fully prepared or ready, hence allowing us to experience the all-encompassing fear of plunging into the unknown and giving us the courage to succeed. Some of us are paralyzed by the simultaneous fears of success and failure; this puts us into a state of non-action, causing the chain of progress, work, life, stuff to become stagnant...and safe.

But, we are empowered with choice, and we can choose to maintain as the rein-holders of our destinies. I choose to succeed and bear it all. Jump and the net will appear. I am diving in because complacency is not a concept to which I subscribe. Photography is a way of life and expression for me. I crave it: to see it, to be it, to live it. I want to show the world what I see. I need the world to see through my eyes.

I have searched long and hard to find my passion in this life, and went to college three times to do so. Whew! Well, they say three's the charm. So, here I sit, writing an introduction to you to welcome you aboard my journey. I just moved back to CT after living in NY for 5 years, and am working on establishing myself here. Thank you for being my audience, and I look forward to getting to know you better. Since a face to face meeting cannot happen via the internet, I will show you some of my self-portraits.

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  1. Carrie,

    What inspiring and relevant words. I can't wait to keep stopping by this blog to look at your awesome work and see you spring roots here in CT.

    May the world give you all that you deserve and the muse continue to scream through your soul!

    Onward and upward to greatness, my friend!