Friday, February 6, 2009

The stylings and methods of Bruce Gilden...

Bruce Gilden is a magnum photographer who documents the street-life of NYC. His method, he claims, is to work so close to his subject...yet, his style is to get in your face. The connection only happens at the moment the shutter is released. It's a very different approach, encroaching on one's personal space, but the images are so amazing...Gilden wants the viewer to feel as though he/she is there, claiming that if you can smell the street in the picture, then you have a street photograph. Just brilliant. Check it out:

I miss you, NY!

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  1. Great post carrie! Thanks so much for sharing this. What a great perspective. Sure it's brash but art is brash and brazen too.

    much love, friend.
    Stay happy and healthy,