Thursday, March 5, 2009

VOTE FOR ME on the Name Your Dream Assignment website!

This is the link:

Ok, everybody, I just entered a photography contest called Name Your Dream Assignment. The prize is $50,000 to go and live your photographic dream assignment...the winning entry will win because of the number of votes it receives between NOW and APRIL 3rd. The number one ranked dream currently has 310 votes, so needless to say, I NEED YOUR HELP.


IF I WIN THIS CONTEST, YOU STAND TO WIN, TOO! What's in it for you guys, you ask? If I win, the person who has rallied and tallied the most votes for me (from your circle of friends and loved ones) wins a portrait shoot at their home or on the location of their choosing...even if you are in California...yup, I will travel to you anywhere in the continental U.S. while I am on the road for the Dream Assignment! How EXCITING IS THAT? To keep track of your people's votes for me, have them send me an email at when they vote, outlining who they are affiliated with (your name)...and that's how I'll keep track! So, let's get a-networkin'!

Thank you to everyone for your support!

Now let's team up and get to shooting some awesome images for me and you!

This is my dream as I entered it on the website and what I would do with this opportunity:

"Americana We Stand:A Study of a Nation's People & Places,Varied Yet United,Diversified & Personified"

The ultimate exploration of America and the way its many varied cultures collide. This country was pioneered by dreamers & those seeking freedom, & though we have been sharing the same soil, we remain disparate. Renew the American Dream.

My study of America would include its people and how they relate to each other as well as how they identify with the rest of the country...

There are many questions to which I seek answers... what does small town America think of big cities and their corporate commerce? Or, what makes Southern hospitality so different from the hustle and bustle of NYC? What is life like in the Mojave, or the Rockies, or the Plains in Montana? What is the pace of life like for its inhabitants? What do the they think of Obama or gay marriage or Hollywood? How is the family unit held together in a divorce-rampant nation? What do people think about the importance to separate church and state? Why do prejudices still exist when our country was founded upon freedom and we are guaranteed unalienable rights upon birth? Why is ignorance, like prejudice against someone's skin color, still taught in the home? What do men think about the glass ceiling that exists for women in the workplace and why is corporate America keeping it in place? How does a mechanic's life differ from a nurse's? How are New Englanders coping with the current economic crisis? What do the people of Mississippi think about sex education? Where did the phrase "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" originate from and why is it supposedly so crazy there? And perhaps most importantly, why do so many Americans settle in every capacity...taking on jobs they loathe to pay bills or remain in miserable relationships?

We are ALWAYS empowered with CHOICE, and I want to revitalize the American dream...because I feel like it's gotten lost for so many of us...there is strength in believing and power in knowledge...what we do with it is up to us...

There are realities and truths which I need to uncover and document photographically. My journey would include a roadtrip cross-country for 3 months so I could explore Americana, its people, its roots and heritage, it's iconic locations, its history, and how we all relate to each other, not only as Americans, but also as humans. Through this journey, every frame and shot conceived would double as my witness of me pursuing my American dream...I am a photographer and a story teller. It is my duty to try to understand this place in which we live, and the people that we are living with. Through my research and understanding, I will extend and share my knowledge with my photos and writing...through this, I will promote understanding by offering a vicarious journey through my imagery. This is where we live. I encourage the American dream.

PIC ME! PIC ME! PIC ME! That what the votes are called in this one, PICS, so go ahead and PIC ME!

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