Friday, April 17, 2009

Memories of Coney Island...

Hey guys. I've been back in Connecticut since last June, and have just planned my first trip back to the city since I've been home. I have 2 photo shoots scheduled for when I go in about a week and a half, and I'm very excited. So, as my thoughts drifted to a New York state of mind, I was glancing through some NY photos when I came across these Coney Island photos. This was the first Mermaid Parade I had the honor to attend ('07), and I thought probably the last as Coney Island has been undergoing change with developers fighting over the fate of the land of amusement. But to my delight, I see that there is a Mermaid Parade scheduled for this year on Saturday, June 20. It's a fanatstic freak fest...basically Halloween in the middle of summer, and what a glorious way to revel in the sun? So, dress up, drink strangely fruity slushy drinks, and rock out in the one and only Coney Island. Maybe I'll see ya there.









When I saw her, I just ran out of film and had to reload my Hasselblad. When I looked up, I couldn't find her, and thought I lost her when one of the people I was with pointed at her down the sidewalk. I chased her down the street through the crowd so I could photograph her...This may be the fiercest (and certainly tallest) drag queen I've ever laid my eyes on...and she knew it. She was the subject of many a curious photographer that day, and I'm so glad she posed for me...




lace up

The boardwalk...











Then night fell, and I caught this awesome shot of the Cyclone, which I rode for the first time that night...


and this cute couple couldn't keep their hands off each other...


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