Friday, May 29, 2009

A little tease of one hot couple...

Hey late night little birdies...

I am in the middle of photo editing craziness, and I just had to post a teenie snippet from the recent shoot that I had with a very much in love couple, Toby and Rob... these two were the best subjects I could ask for, so stay tuned for the shoot in its entirety. Comin' at ya now...a glimpse of Toby and Rob...


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The New Chics in Town...

What kind of blog would this be if I didn't post photos of some new, hot chics once in awhile? Well, one that would be lacking in providing you visual pleasure, in which case, I would be doing a disservice to not only my viewing public, but also to my clients. So, in order to avoid such a travesty, I am about to present you with the new chics in town. These are some very young beauties with tons of potential, and they pride themselves on being able to provide the bread...errrr, I mean the eggs... for their family.

Yes, you guessed it...the chics to which I am referring are just exactly chickens, and not the kind that you can just so casually throw out some slang about. These are the new baby chics of my good friends Justin and Kimberly, who may just be the greenest and most organic people I know...after all, they do own a baby/children's boutique which sells organic clothes and products and is called Peacock Organics (it is the coolest and you should definitely check it out at or visit the store at 272 Elm Street, Noank, CT, 860-536-9600).

When I found out that Kimberly and Justin were going to get some chickens so that they could harvest their own eggs (and hopefully hook up a few close friends in the process...), I wanted to snag some shots of these babies while they were still little chic-a-dees. Pictured here, they are already 15 days old! They grow as fast as they move! Shooting chickens...I mean, photographing chickens... is not an easy task, but I think I got some good stuff. Check it out.











Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sneak a Peek...get ready to meet little Grace Olivia!

Hey there, guys and gals. I hope that everyone is having a fantastic Saturday! Mine started off with a foot hit the floor, and I've been off and running ever since. Busy, busy bee makes this a happy little Carrie.

So, just thought I'd hit you off with a teeny, tiny little sneak peek of the shoot I had this morning. Let me introduce you to one little Miss Grace, a spunky little girl who kept me running and focused. I had such a great time, and Grace is such a beautiful little girl. A super-model in the making, this one is. And you'll know why when you see the whole post! But, for now, here's one little pic...


Friday, May 15, 2009

Chelsea Garden Butterfly Pavillion!


Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of checking out the Butterfly Pavillion at Chelsea Garden in Norwich. The Butterfly Pavillion was a Monarch Butterfly exhibit that went on for 4 days, and it served to display beauty and educate about the life cycle and different phases of this classic winged siren. There were a thousand Monarchs (give or take one or two) released in a mesh tent strewn with fauna and flowers so that we could observe them in a contained, natural environment. It was only 5 bucks to get in, and watching the little kids' fascination with these butterflies was simply priceless. I, along with the other adults, was rather transfixed by the experience as well. Check out my perspective:

In between caterpillar and butterfly...the winged beginning: chrysalis


then becomes...























Thursday, May 14, 2009

Once Upon a Wish...


When I was a little girl, I used to chase dandelion puffs around in the yard. Tracking them as they swayed in the breeze, I looked to gather them and set them free from their bind to the earth and break the cycle of their obligation to spread their seeds and start the process over again.

"That's not how it's going to work today," I thought one sunny day in the midst of my innocence.

Once these puffs were delicately uprooted by my eager little hands, their purpose was now to serve me. Yes, I would amass these fuzzy tops from a selfish place... Once plucked by me, they now would only perform in the capacity of spreading my joys, dreams, and wishes. As I blew the fluff into the breeze, the dancing parachutes of my dreams were released to dart into the wind and spread my wishes where they may, far and wide in the hopes of attaining greatness and happiness.

My dreams back then were very varied. I wished that my parents weren't so strict (being the only girl and the youngest yielded a protective front from - what I would eventually realize were - two of the best parents a child could hope for). I wished for my brothers to think I was cool. I wished for the Barbie Dream House (which I did get for Christmas one year!). I wished for life to be easy and happy...

Among those innocent and child-driven desires, I had the autonomy to realize that my future deserved some forethought as well. I wished to have a successful career...successful in all the meanings that the word should encompass, from the obvious fiscal connotation right down to the warm and fuzzy spot on the heart of pride, which boasts the goodness of hard work, tenacity, and self-confidence. Yes, those are the things that success brings. These things equal happiness for me.

I also wished to be married and have a loving husband and beautiful children. (This part will follow the career part, I am sure...) I wished that it would all come together with little to no bumps in the road, and that I would beam with happiness every day that I would wake.

Some of these dreams have remained and become part of my very core. Of these things that I wished for, I had no idea how they would materialize...I just knew that I was meant to be happy and achieve this ambiguous vision that I had for my life.

No doubt my journey has been, at times, a harrowing one. I was never the person in school who knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. I could never envision myself as a doctor or a lawyer or someone chained to an office desk. When I would try to imagine my future and my potential career, it looked like a line on a MadLib...

When I grow up, I want to be a _________(noun)__________.

All that came to mind was a blinding white room filled with a giant question mark.

I had no idea for the longest time what my dream actually was or how it would manifest. I desperately wanted to find this out about myself, and each time I went to college (yes, I went 3 times), I hoped that this time I would be on the right path...

The first two paths didn't lead to the revelation that I sought... but the third one did. I had to take those first two roads to get to the third and the place where I felt at home. This is what photography is for me...and now all my education and passion is transpiring into my wish come true. There is no other way for me to be...I have had the persistence and determination to seek my passion, study it, perform it, perfect it, and now effect it into the career of my choosing.

I choose photography and the craft of making art. I choose smiles and the art of catching the moment. I choose happiness and beauty and never feel as though I am working when I am taking pictures. Yes, I feel at home in this dream...and this dream is no longer a wispful wish.

I want to thank all of those who have and continue to support me. The wishes that once took flight on wispy silken tufts landed and took root. With love and patience and nurturing, these wishes have grown up, and continue to gain strength and momentum with each passing day. At one time, my wishes seemed to be far away dreams that may never be realized, but now my wish for happiness is coming true.

And now my wish is for you to follow your dreams. It's never to late to choose a different path. So, go on dreamers...grab a dandelion puff and make a wish...






Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Photos Featured on Style Me Pretty!

I just got the exciting news from the amazing Sarah True of and True Event that my images from her event "Weddings the Creative Process" were featured on Style Me Pretty! (The images that are featured are from my post that immediately follows this one.) That is sooo exciting and humbling that I flustered around my apartment a moment while I did a little dance! I might have even peed a little! Ha ha, no I didn't, but I was so surprised and adrenalized that I probably could have.

So, here's a BIG, huge, enormous, stupendous, tremendous, gargantuan, colossal, humongous shout out to Abby Larson for hooking me up with some of her own shout out love on her blog,, the ultimate place to go for the style obsessed bride. She does have impeccable taste, after all... hee hee, check it out, party people!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Weddings the Creative Process," a brilliant, boutique bridal event

Picture 1


(rewind to Saturday, the day before the event..)

The phrase "Bridal Show" causes disgust to ricochet through my core. The whole idea of it sends these visions through my head: one rectangular, collapsible table after the next in a sea of vendors who are fishing for the meandering brides...but instead of casting out lines and waiting for a bite, they flail helplessly like the old school stock brokers of Wall Street, trying to score some kind of sale from brides who are shopping for the best price. Doesn't sound like my ideal way to book a client. Or, rather, attract my ideal client. So, I have avoided the bridal shows, and all that encompasses them.

Now, perhaps my idea of such events is a bit far-fetched and I've let my fear as such take the reigns of my sanity and cause me into wielding a shield of abhorrence; one that boldly states that I will not be one of those vendors. I thought I would continue my boycott of bridal shows until, well, there were pigs flying around above my curly head. That is, until, I heard that Sarah True and Lucinda Wesson (of, a collaboration of True Event and Chocolate Creative Design) was putting on a bridal show. Or, rather, a couture bridal that was focused on titillating the senses, for potential brides and vendors alike. The focus was on how to go about planning creatively for one's special day, while paying attention to designing a complete sensory experience. That doesn't sound bad, for starters, now does it? Well, good, because it gets even better.

First of all, the event was called "Weddings the Creative Process" with the tagline "Creating a sensory experience for your event." Sounds nice, no, no, sounds downright lovely. So, where would such an event take place? Well, wouldn't it be wonderful if it was at...hmmm...say, Saltwater Farm Vineyard in Stonington, CT? Well, yes, yes it would. (Who doesn't want to attend events at a vineyard? Oh, no one? That's what I thought.)

(On the day of the event...)

Ok, so Saltwater Farm Vineyard used to be an airplane hangar, so the building looks pretty industrial from the outside (twas a bit rainy, so no outside shots for me that day, but stay tuned cuz I'm definitely going back there to shoot...ummm, and drink their delicious wine - who would I be to not patronize a growing local business?). But anyway, once inside the peculiar-looking edifice, the space that is offered to us is outfitted in exposed wood and beam work, with a double decked area from the entrance side, which then quickly opens up to vaulted ceiling and a wall of windows that overlooks the grapevines. Pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

So, now I'm inside, and I'm immediately impressed by my surroundings - what unfolded before me was the complete antithesis of the shark pit that I had imagined bridal shows to be...this was more like a gathering, a meeting of the minds and creative talent to network with each other and to inform and educate brides about their options and endless creative possibilities. The warmth of the interior with it's gracious amount of space and gorgeous natural light was just the start of my excitement. The energy in the air was positive, warm, and electric, as if all these creative people gathered in this one place could channel their gifts and conduct electricity...which, by the way, is exactly the point. The room was beautifully laid out, with round tables decked out by one inventive vendor after one table looked like the next and the friendly vendors chatted with each other and anyone who strolled up to say hello. It was a welcoming, for anyone and everyone who had a moment to talk. The vendors who took part in this awesome event included:

* Adeline and Grace Photography
* Beneath the Gown
* Buzz Media Company
* Elan Artists
* Gourmet Galley Catering
* Hana Floral Design
* Inn at Stonington
* Jennie Fresa Beauty Library
* Life is Good Kids Foundation
* Maggie Conley Photography
* Mystic Yoga Shala
* Photobooth Planet
* Power Posse Productions
* Saltwater Farm Vineyard
* Stonington Design and Paperie
* Style Me Pretty
* Sugarbelle Cakes
* The E-List
* The White Dress by the Shore
* True & Wesson
* Two Birds Bridesmaid
* When we say I Do- The Copps

And with all this buzz and workshops going on, my eyeballs were feasting, therefore leaving me no choice but to take some that's exactly what I did.


Here are some shots of the Two Birds Bridemaid dress designed by Ariane dress that can be worn at least 12 ways...(check it out at


I think it's easy to say that I was obsessed with the floral arrangements done by Yumiko Fletcher of Hana Floral Design...they were simply stunning, and her style is the epitome of beauty and, well, style. (


Sugarbelle Cakes and Confections had a delightfully delectable that allowed samples of their mini cupcakes! (


Then, Jennie Fresa of Jennie Fresa Beauty Library demonstrated how to achieve a sustainable all-day natural look that pretty much is the prettiest look a bride could hope for. (


I had the chance to also catch a seat at the talk that Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty put on. It was awesome to get insight from one of the industry's leading women-in-the-know. (


The event guru herself, Sarah True, looking on at one of the workshops.


All in all, this was one of the best events I've ever been to. Every detail was thought out, and the experience did touch on all my senses...a True event in every sense of the word :)