Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Photos Featured on Style Me Pretty!

I just got the exciting news from the amazing Sarah True of and True Event that my images from her event "Weddings the Creative Process" were featured on Style Me Pretty! (The images that are featured are from my post that immediately follows this one.) That is sooo exciting and humbling that I flustered around my apartment a moment while I did a little dance! I might have even peed a little! Ha ha, no I didn't, but I was so surprised and adrenalized that I probably could have.

So, here's a BIG, huge, enormous, stupendous, tremendous, gargantuan, colossal, humongous shout out to Abby Larson for hooking me up with some of her own shout out love on her blog,, the ultimate place to go for the style obsessed bride. She does have impeccable taste, after all... hee hee, check it out, party people!

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