Friday, May 1, 2009

Introducing the unstoppable Jessica Labus...

Brace yourselves for a long, beautiful, fun post. I had the pleasure of spending all of last Monday in NYC with the phenomenally talented singer/songwriter Jessica Labus.

The mission: photos for her new website that will be launching this June.
The location: streets of Soho, NYC, and the artist's apartment.
My photo goals for the session: showing you Jess's spirit and bringing you her multi-faceted personality through pictures, while at the same time capturing the feeling of her new album, Mirrors.

Jess is fun, daring, sexy, sensitive, and crazy with the vocals. I feel privileged to not only know her personally, but also to have gotten the opportunity to photograph her. She is the one to watch as she is taking the music scene by storm! Mirrors, the new album by Jessica Labus, is now available on iTunes,, and You can also find her at to hear her music, buy songs directly from her, and see her schedule of shows. And if you're in NYC on May 15, you can catch her performing at the Knitting Factory at 8pm. Or check out her CD release party at the Village Underground on June 12, where she will also be performing at 8pm.

And at the bottom of this post, I have embedded a few links so you can see her perform right here on this post! Check out the vocal and guitar stylings of this amazing artist when you are done viewing the images. Without further adieu, the extraordinary Jessica Labus...



These two are the same pose, captured at different angles with the one on the left flashed and the right in natural light.



On our loop around Soho, we found some opened doors...and decided to get some shots when no one was looking...



So, then we decided to regroup and outfit change for the next set in our photo session, and this meant heading back to Jess's apartment, where we were able to take full advantage of the much softer light in her sun-drenched apartment. We started out on the couch with guitar...


I have to admit that I am as much a reflection junkie as I am a flare junkie...





Innuendo in the window...



Mirrors had to be a big part of our session because the name of Jess's album and title song for the record is "Mirrors."







While photographing Jess in the beautiful light of the window, the mirror was propped at such an angle that I had the perfect view of her fire escape, so I sent her to the fire escape and photographed her refelction on it while I was still in the living room.




So then, I whipped around and photographed Jess directly from the living room window to her on the fire escape...





On my way out to the fire escape, the beautiful Jessica Labus was crouched down and I just had to shoot from inside capturing her in the box of her window...


Once outside, this is the magic that happened...the light was so gorgeously soft, and I am just in love with fire escapes...Jess was such a pro and made my job here rather easy...












Another outfit change and outside to the Soho streets once more, and the light was much less harsh at this point...



So this was the fun and cute side of our singer/songwriter...


Jess drinks coffee...and a lot of it, so after an interlude at (dare I say, or rather, dare I admit...) Starbucks, she brought on the cutest and most endearing coffee drinking expressions ever...


Then my good friend, Flare, made an appearance...


and Jess decided to take a grab of the sun right out of this flowering tree...




Thank God for New York cyclists who tie up their bikes to any projectile sticking out of the ground...



I wanted some fun blur shots, so here's some that we got...


And Jess couldn't resist knocking on this church door...





And now for some performance footage...

This first song is called "With or Without Me."

This is Jess performing "Bryan's Song" on Alive with Clive.


  1. Love it! I need to start looking in mirrors more carefully, because you saw some amazing things!

  2. Awesome!!

  3. Great shots! The mirror and the fire escape was an awesome idea.