Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The New Chics in Town...

What kind of blog would this be if I didn't post photos of some new, hot chics once in awhile? Well, one that would be lacking in providing you visual pleasure, in which case, I would be doing a disservice to not only my viewing public, but also to my clients. So, in order to avoid such a travesty, I am about to present you with the new chics in town. These are some very young beauties with tons of potential, and they pride themselves on being able to provide the bread...errrr, I mean the eggs... for their family.

Yes, you guessed it...the chics to which I am referring are just exactly that...baby chickens, and not the kind that you can just so casually throw out some slang about. These are the new baby chics of my good friends Justin and Kimberly, who may just be the greenest and most organic people I know...after all, they do own a baby/children's boutique which sells organic clothes and products and is called Peacock Organics (it is the coolest and you should definitely check it out at peacockorganics.com or visit the store at 272 Elm Street, Noank, CT, 860-536-9600).

When I found out that Kimberly and Justin were going to get some chickens so that they could harvest their own eggs (and hopefully hook up a few close friends in the process...), I wanted to snag some shots of these babies while they were still little chic-a-dees. Pictured here, they are already 15 days old! They grow as fast as they move! Shooting chickens...I mean, photographing chickens... is not an easy task, but I think I got some good stuff. Check it out.












  1. Cutest chicks EVER! Love the feet, esp. I will be showing these to my (little) boys who just love chicks! :)

  2. Great shots of baby chicks - I always thought baby chicks were really cute though. I guess it must be baby ducks that are the cute ones.

  3. Wow, you definitely captured some wonderful shots of those chicks...kind of makes me feel guilty that I'm actually eating chicken salad for dinner...