Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ayden James at 3 months old!

Priscilla and Bryan have hired me to photograph their little one, Mr. Ayden, every three months for his first year. This is a set from the 3 month session. I hope that these bring you joy...


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's coming up, you ask? Well here's just a little tease...

This is a snippet from Daren and Gopal's wedding in Ogunquit, Maine. She's part of the entertainment for that evening...and I can't wait to show you the rest. It was a real circus...


Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Ryan Montbleau Band at Esker Point!

Enter June 25 and the sun finally reveals itself in this summer season. It's an energetic Thursday, with buzz on the water, girls in short shorts, and sunglasses ruling the scene. The Esker Point Beach concerts in Groton, CT are in full swing as they mark their Thursday summer music splash with the Ryan Montbleau Band.

Not only is the sun shining, but there is happy and beautiful music playing. On the beach. Where there is sand, and water, and people grilling, and drinking, playing volleyball, dancing, hanging out with their kids and dogs and old friends. Oh, yes, Esker Point Beach summer concerts have long been a tradition in Southeastern CT. And to top off all of this amazing goodness, some of my best friends are there, including the amazing EmilyIs, who took a break from NYC to come see the show.

If all of this wasn't enough to keep my lips smiling, my arms hugging, and my feet dancing, I also came well armed with camera in hand. Oh yes, it was time to shoot some happy people. know what I mean ;) Check it out:

Hula hoops always make their presence known at these concerts


Love how the shadows add dimension and more people to the frame...



There I am on the side of Paige's sunglasses!


I love how fascination stopped this little boy in his tracks



Gettin' their dance on!



I love all that's going on in this picture... how the little girl on her dad's shoulders is facing out, just like Ryan Montbleau...then with the little boy running to the the girl with the hula hoop... over to the little girl in stripes looking up...and finally the raised hand on the left. Yes, photojournalism rocks.


One of my faves from the day...notice how the light is just hitting the guys shirt on the left, who just happens to be wearing a Ryan Montbleau Band t-shirt. The little girl's hair is flying and half her face is lit by the sun with full light on Ryan Montbleau. Oh, yes. This is love.


Most photojournalists hate backlight and flare, but I just couldn't resist.


Another gem from the day...there is something going on in every part of the frame. And this little girl adjusting her teeny beach chair was just too cute.


I love this, but I just wish that the dude on the left wasn't looking at the camera. He was staring at me, though, because my fascination with his woman dancing with her dog like it was her child held my attention for quite a little while... I also love the wiggly line of the horizon as it shifts from people to trees... and the full framed far away man on the left...the skull shirt in the back...all good stuff.


The child's feet in the air make this picture.


Take a glimpse of the band in action at Sun Studio Sessions in Memphis playing one of my favorite songs, "Honeymoon Eyes"

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Me, the moon, my neighbor, and my kitchen


The day after the full moon, but Moon still looked swollen and heavy as it hung over Beebe Cove, casting light enough to take the scary out of dark and sheening across the water so as to illuminate the outline of boats and houses. Beauty in my backyard and feeling one with the light, the night, and the flow that comprises most of our bodies, water.

The ebbs and flows of creativity are constantly surging through me, and I feel that I need to share more of my creative flair when it comes to my writing with you faithful bloggers. Now I know I've shown you hints here and there, but you need to see (or shall I say read?) more of me on a regular basis. Writing is very much at the pulse of my creative self, and I want to tie that together more consistently with my photography. I get a regular fix when I comment on Burn (, an evolving online journal which showcases emerging photographic talent) and other people's work and endeavors. The problem with me keeping that same flow in my own blog has been that preparing blogposts and editing my own photographic work is so (fantastically) exhausting that when it comes to the writing, I'm pretty straight-forward. This proclamation of that fact is my pledge to be better and complete the visual journey with some creative, intellectual, funny, and/or witty commentary and insight. Here's a glimpse of my thoughts on this topic while I was enjoying some wonderful sushi with nothing but racing thoughts and pen in hand:

"I'm not a constant writer, but a recorder of thoughts and visual fantasy and reality. The words I mutter or jot down in association with this are devised from the same creative endeavor upon which my reality stakes its claim...dare I plagiarize the phrase that 'Art is Life' by letting you know that it is the heartbeat of my existence..."

After contemplating many thoughts over my meal, I pulled into the driveway to notice the big and almost full moon. There she hung, big, bright, and beautiful. I had to show my neighbor. He hung out with me in the kitchen, and I grabbed my camera to capture some reflections and the moon. The shot I'm showing you here shows my reflected silhouette on the left with the reflection of the kitchen and my neighbor on the right. Through my silhouette you can see the moon and it's reflection and the water through the window. The moon is highlighting my thoughts while its reflection is highlighting my heart, and the sheen on the water represents the light captured by my camera and the words that escape my mouth. I think this is pretty awesome.

Art is life.







Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where you can find St. Louis in CT...Introducing One Awesome Family

I first met Jeremy and Liz St. Louis when they started their family 13 years ago. We all worked at the same place, and I was always amazed at how great they were together. Now with three kids later, a house, and successful careers, they are in love more than ever, and this was so evident during our family portrait shoot. I am inspired and awed by how cute these two are together and how much fun they constantly have with their three gorgeous children. Deep and effortless love with an amazing family is not always an easy act to carry off, but one that these two do with style and grace. This is something that I am hopeful to one day achieve, and I thank you, Jeremy and Liz, for serving as such an awesome inspiration. I had such a great time with your family, and I can't wait to continue photographing your children as they grow.

The littlest member of the St. Louis clan, Little Miss Elia.


Big bro Jayden posing with lil' sis...


The oldest little St. Louis, Miss Alex


A bit camera shy...


Papa Jeremy plays as hard as the little ones...



A fantastic big sister




It's all about the swings!


Liz and cute!



On the way to the water...









Boys will be boys...