Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where you can find St. Louis in CT...Introducing One Awesome Family

I first met Jeremy and Liz St. Louis when they started their family 13 years ago. We all worked at the same place, and I was always amazed at how great they were together. Now with three kids later, a house, and successful careers, they are in love more than ever, and this was so evident during our family portrait shoot. I am inspired and awed by how cute these two are together and how much fun they constantly have with their three gorgeous children. Deep and effortless love with an amazing family is not always an easy act to carry off, but one that these two do with style and grace. This is something that I am hopeful to one day achieve, and I thank you, Jeremy and Liz, for serving as such an awesome inspiration. I had such a great time with your family, and I can't wait to continue photographing your children as they grow.

The littlest member of the St. Louis clan, Little Miss Elia.


Big bro Jayden posing with lil' sis...


The oldest little St. Louis, Miss Alex


A bit camera shy...


Papa Jeremy plays as hard as the little ones...



A fantastic big sister




It's all about the swings!


Liz and cute!



On the way to the water...









Boys will be boys...






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