Monday, August 3, 2009

Holgadroid in Effect...or shall I say, here's the effects of Holgadroid?

So, the magical Adorama fairy dropped a wonderfully amazing gift on my doorstep today. When the tape of the box was cut and my eager hands birthed its offering, I became the proud new owner of a polaroid back for my holga...when the two parts merge, it produces the magical holgadroid. Oh, yeah, people, I'm bringin' back the film into my workflow, so get ready to see some vintage styling comin' at ya. This is the first shot that I took with my new holgadroid setup. Yes, those are my hideous feet...with my short toes, but at least my nail polish matches my dress. All in the name of art, I tell ya. This is just a simple snapshot, one that basically served as a tester for the new fun system. So get ready for some really beautiful stuff soon...stuff that has yet to be photographed, but worry not your pretty little heads, because the images will be amazing. I know that because I want them to be. So, I will make them that way. Smiles to you and yours :)


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  1. Ha, I just got a new package in the mail, too--my new 5D Mark II and my first photo was my toes, too!

    Can't wait to see the magic you'll produce with this amazing set up!