Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Memories of Savannah, Brooklyn

She's the kind of girl that you felt a little more special to be around. With a boisterous laugh, a constant cigarette, and the kind of wisedom wielded by those thrice her age, it was immediately obvious to me that she was awake in her life. I felt like Savannah knew and orchestrated the game, and laughed at the rest us, who were playing pawns in a dumb world full of people getting caught up in things that matter not. She was only 19 when I met her. This surprised me, because while young in the face, she was decades beyond in her soul, knowledge, and view on the world. I felt the connection instantly, and Savannah was someone I felt treasured to be around. She was special. The Marilyn Monroe kind of special, who simply possesses that thing that we all need, that thing we crave, that thing that keeps us up at night. That thing that remains nameless to us because we're not quite sure what it is...we just know we want more, and feel good when we get it. Oh, yes, my dears, Savannah is one brilliant intoxication.

I have to say that I feel privileged and honored that so many people in my life possess this indelible "it" factor, the nameless wonder that we covet and desire. I would have it no other way, as I am intrigued by those who are different, brilliant, and creative, and who aren't afraid to challenge conventional ideas and trains of thought. Those who own who they are, what they are, and live without fear of judgement or resistance are who I seek. These people are living ideas and rising up, and retain my highest respect.

This post came to me because yesterday, Savannah requested my friendship via Facebook. I was so excited to see that she's back in the States (and apparantly with cavalry!). After peacing out from Pratt Institute and working as a nanny in Poland for awhile, she's back in full effect. So here I am, with my ode to her and our friendship. And to think that once upon a time, we met a neighborhood bar in Brooklyn, where I played the part of barmaid and she the part of cocktail server...and we laughed all the way to the bank...


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