Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why I love Pandora and Shout Out to the Cat People...

Pandora. Ahhhh, giver of music goodness and feeler of my mood at all times of day, every day. So good and simple to go from Al Green to Poe to Led Zeppelin to Alicia Keys at the click of a button. And even better that she requires no evil box from which to choose the offerings...but such is the case, however, that I must pack and store the mass amount of CDs collected by myself over the years. Oh, yay to moving! Sarcasm? Maaayyyyybeeee......


So, in a seemingly unrelated vein, I must give a shout out to all my fellow cat people out there. This random thought needs to be expressed because my itty bitty pretty kitties (oh, yes, I did just say that!) are just so nonchalant about their need to interrupt my progress of packing because they need me to love them. Or rather, need me to demonstrate and reinforce my undying attentiveness as their mom and caretaker. And, I just need to rep it a little for all the cat lovers out there, because all I seem to see are the bloggers posting about their dogs all the time...so here's to the Cat People! It's all about Simone...her house....I just happen to live here...maybe that's why she seems so distressed as to its location changing. And Cookie is just kinda shy - and is very aware that it is the Simone show all the time. A big love bug he is, however, but just a bit camera shy. Stay tuned for the Halloween pics from the Chamard/Tove Vintage Shop Party! Just amazing...


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  1. I was wondering if you were ever going to put pics of your cats on here. Yes to all cat people! The pic of Simone's eyes is just fantastic.