Sunday, December 20, 2009

Photographer Spotlight: Inspired by Sally Mann

As a visual artist, I derive inspiration from everywhere and everything, and try to touch on different senses and emotions when showing my art. I do a lot of research in order to find out more, whether it's discovering new (to me) photographers or new techniques for shooting or showing, or simply finding new ways to see light. In these discoveries, I have found many photographers that are near and dear to my heart, and one that resounds continuously with me is Sally Mann. Noted as one of the best American photographers, she gained much prestige and a little notoriety with the large format photographs of her children. Along with the haunted quality, the state of nudity and sometimes angst-intense expressions of her children all caused a bit of controversy. This, however, is what made them great. A mother exploring the journey of a child, bearing witness to the child-related themes of insecurity, loneliness, injury, sexuality and death. As Wikipedia noted, "Mann herself considered these photographs to be 'natural through the eyes of a mother, since she has seen her children in every state: happy, sad, playful, sick, bloodied, angry and even naked.' "

Following is a collage of some of Mann's photographs of her children. I maintain the highest respect for her artistic eye and intuitive and introspective curiosity and love. Sally Mann is a legend and a wonderful inspiration.


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  1. Carrie,

    Have you seen her new book, Proud Flesh. pretty amazing!

    nice meeting you the other week at David's.

    Jordan Weitzman