Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little Girl Dreams...

...and the playtime in between...


Monday, October 25, 2010

Wedding Shoes...

to walk to the next stage of your life :)


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rub a Dub DUB...

...chillin' in the tub


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh, Baby...

...these hands and feet sure are delicious!


At least, that's what I think little 6 month old Aurelia's thoughts must be circling around :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No time like the Present...

for a Vintage blog tease...


Standing Strong

in the light...


and in the shadows...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

H...A...Double L, OH, Double U, Double E, N Spells Halloween!

Get your Halloween hats on, party people! This is the second year of the the AMAZING Halloween Party put on by Chamard Vineyard and Tova's Vintage Shop. Last year saw the birth of this now annual celebration, and the party was a NYC style soiree with some serious Halloween costumes and spirit going on. This shindig sold out last year and this year, the first 200 lucky people to buy tickets are guaranteed entry.

So, here's the skinny:

** Saturday, October 23, 7-midnight at Chamard Vineyard
** Halloween Awesomeness!
** Crazy Costumes!
** DJ!
** Dancing!
** Food!
** And the ever-important, OPEN BAR!
** And of course, a fierce Photographer, AKA yours truly, Carrie Roseman, will be roaming the party to capture you reveling in the Halloween wonderfulness
** Photo Booth! For you and your friends to make as many silly poses and faces as you want to!
** A mere 50 bucks gets you all this excitement and tickets can purchased online at http://www.chamard.com/events.html or at Chamard Vineyard or at Tova's Vintage Shop.

Buy your tickets today as this event is going to sell out. I photographed this party last year, and the photos can be viewed at http://carrieroseman.blogspot.com/2009/11/halloween-at-vineyard-fabulous-party.html.

And you guys should also stop by Tova's Vintage Shop to see what kind of wonderful things she has to offer in the way of props/accessories/halloween costumes.

I can't wait to see you all there! This party is SOOOO much fun!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Hands of Mother and Daughter...


Her Hands

Her hands held me gently from the day I took my first breath.
Her hands helped to guide me as I took my first step.
Her hands held me close when the tears would start to fall.
Her hands were quick to show me that she would take care of it all.

Her hands were there to brush my hair, or straighten a wayward bow.
Her hands were often there to comfort the hurts that didn't always show.
Her hands helped hold the stars in place, and encouraged me to reach.
Her hands would clap and cheer and praise when I captured them at length.

Her hands would also push me, though not down or in harms way.
Her hands would punctuate the words, just do what I say.
Her hands sometimes had to discipline, to help bend this young tree.
Her hands would shape and mold me into all she knew I could be.

Her hands are now twisting with age and years of work,
Her hand now needs my gentle touch to rub away the hurt.
Her hands are more beautiful than anything can be.
Her hands are the reason I am me.

-Maggie Pittman

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


with sparklers...