Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Forward, the Light Brigade!"

Alas, but victory was theirs today on the football field. And I titled it, this post and dedication, the quote by Alfred, Lord Tennyson because it triggers the instant thought of The Blind Side and the story of Michael Ohr. Which is about a boy who came from the hard side of town. A boy who, with support and dedication, learned what it means to be a football, and in life. His was a story of glory. And victory. And learning, and love, and losing and winning.

And ultimately one ending in a mighty slash in the "W" column. And today, the Falcons, a team of little footballers, came out on the other side of battle with a "W". Part of why I enjoyed photographing this so much is because it reminded me of what it was like to learn how to play a sport when I was kid. And what it meant to be on a team. What it meant to want to be better and get to the next level.

These are life lessons that I learned on the softball field. Lessons that have armed me for the daily battle of winning at this life. Sports and music and art make the world go round. These activities create an invaluable resource for learning, owning responsibility, drive, dedication, and grit as kids learn how to realize their potential and become everything they want to be.

Let's keep instilling this thought into our children. Let's raise the bar beyond societal expectation and actually push for them to make their dreams come true. The only thing stopping us from achieving our potential is ourselves. So, let's cheer on the champions that we all can be :)