Sunday, October 23, 2011

When She Finds Her Dress...

Her Wedding becomes real. And it is in that beautiful moment when tears of joy creep up to the surface, and drip down happy cheeks :)

I am privileged to be the one who photographs the wonderful White Carpet Appointments at The White Dress By The Shore in Clinton, CT. I get to witness these moments often, and, honestly, I would be lying if I didn't profess to shedding a tear or two myself when they happen.

Yes, I am such a girl. And, yes, I have dreamt about my own wedding for my entire life. So, when I get to see a beautiful bride have this amazing little moment, I get to feel it, too...and I am so incredibly happy for her. And I feel special that I just got to be a part of witnessing and capturing the moment when she finds the magical dress that she will wear when she goes from Miss to Missus.

Be still my heart :)

Contact the lovely ladies at the White Dress By The Shore to book your own magical White Carpet Appointment. Your lovely 3 hour appointment ensures that you are the only bride in the store... annnnnd you get pampered with champagne and tasty treats as you get showered with all the bridal dress knowledge and expertise of 2 White Dress experts during your appointment. And if that wasn't enough goodness, then they just go and top off the experience with me to capture the entire thing.

It's all such a lovely thing to do in the name of love. Contact The White Dress to book your appointment today:

I can't wait to see you there :)


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