Sunday, October 7, 2012

Calie & Ben Sneak Peek...

Calie and Ben were referred to me through a friend of theirs whose Wedding I shot last year. When I met them at Megan and Chris' backyard bbq rehearsal dinner, they pretty much booked me on the spot. As one of the kindest, most laid back, and most appreciative couples that I've met, I was very excited about capturing them on their special day.

Before I spoke with Calie to firm up the final details of the Wedding Day schedule, she knew she made a crazy good decision to get ready at the Silas Robbins House in Wethersfield. Her voice was brimming with excitement when she told me. So, while on the phone with her, I looked up the special inn. Upon seeing the first image that popped up on their site, my heart filled with joy and I literally wanted to jump through the phone to hug her. This is because Calie knew my style. She and Ben hired me for it. But, the fact that she took it a step further and was very thoughtful about this kind of detail absolutely made my heart sing.

You see, the getting ready part of a wedding day is one of my favorite things to photograph. And I always have my brides build some time into the schedule for some bridal portraits, where I have about 15 minutes to photograph her right after the final earring in put on, the last shoe stepped in, and the veil put in place. These are the final moments of her life that she will be single. And when she is ready, in her dress, makeup perfect, and the butterflies of nerves and excitement are fluttering, I get to be the one who captures that moment.

So, once Calie's final bridal details were all in place, we went around the Silas Robbins House for some bridal portraits. Her mom had requested to get a shot of Calie at a piano since Calie had 9 years of piano playing under her belt. Lucky for us, there was just such a room with a piano at the House. So, I asked Calie to sit at the piano. Without hesitation, she did. And she began to play the song that she would walk down the aisle to.

My heart almost jumped out of my chest.

This is what I saw. And that's what she was playing. And that's why I had to share this little story of this little moment. Because life, love, and Weddings are made of these moments. And I am honored to be the one that captures them for you.

Sneak Peek: Calie & Ben



  1. My eyes are filled with tears, happy tears of course. What a beautiful bride!!! What a beautiful evening!!! We are so very blessed!! XOXO Arlene and Fred

  2. Carrie, I can't even begin to express how grateful we are to you. You are an amazing person and made our day so special. Our wedding wouldn't have been the same without you.

    Thank you for posting this, it means the world to me. xoxo

  3. Oh Calie,
    You never looked so beautiful. You are one of the most sweetest people I know. I am so glad that you have found love and happiness. You are blessed.
    Leslie & Randy McCarthy